Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Sorlandet is My Home

Safety; always look after friends.
Ownership; live up to what you say you will do.
Respect; know how to treat others.
Learn; put yourself out there and inquire new knowledge.
Accuracy; constantly work towards impressing the Bosun.
Neat; Store your things appropriately.
Dream; the reason you are here.
Eat; enjoy food and always stay full.
Time; be cautious of the showers.

Initiative; work with intent and for your own benefit, as well as others.
Share; talk with others about your past experience but also be inclusive about the new ones.

Magic; some things happen and there is no answer for why they do.
Yourself; figure out who you are as a person.

Hope; shoot for the stars but land on the moon.
Optimistic; always see the brighter side of life aboard.
Mesmerize; make sure others remember who you are. Leave a legacy.
Enjoy; have fun and be adventurous.

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