Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Most Southern Point of Canada

Windsor, Ontario. The Sorlandet docked in Windsor this Labour Day long weekend. We made the stop as participants in a bi-centennial re-enactment of the war of 1812. Windsor in its self is not the most fascinating of all places, but we still managed to have fun during our visit. First of all, if you ever make plans to stop in Windsor ensure you know what it is you want to see. The first day was mainly taken up by a massive search for internet and followed with a short stop at Timmy’s (Tim Hortons) as well as engagement in the festivities on the waterfront. There were bands playing all throughout the day, different stands selling 1812 memorabilia, a bow and arrow target tent and tall ships docked alongside all of it, with the Sorlandet being the largest by far. To top off the night there was a grand screening of the childhood movie favourite “Hook” at the local theater.
Day two the staff aboard the Sorlandet decided to take us out of Windsor for the day and we made our way to Pelee Island (truly the most southern point of Canada). There we did a thirty kilometer bike ride round trip and enjoyed swimming in the great lakes. This, however, left me green and slimy, but it was still a great bonding opportunity for the crew and me.
Tomorrow is the big day! It’s my time to set sail for battle on Lake Eerie. Spoiler alert: The Sorlandet goes down in flames after it’s bombarded by another boat and bathed in a blood bath when a black bear is set loose. Lot’s more to come on the specifications of war when I post next. So, please stay tuned J and I’ll talk to you in Erie, Pennsylvania.  Bye for now.

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