Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's the Little Things

As I sit here on the foredeck with hot cocoa in hand listening to my shipmates and rocking back and forth, I’ve realised that it’s the little things which make Class Afloat. You can count on expecting a major event to be that aha moment; the moment that changes everything and makes you appreciate Class Afloat for what it is. You can wait and wait for that moment, but all you’ll be is disappointed. I didn’t realise it until now, but there aren’t any major events that make you smile more than your friends will when playing monopoly or a port program which will pump blood through your veins faster than a raging storm.
I was caught off guard by the glory of Detroit’s Labour Day fireworks tonight. It was the first night I felt any home-sickness. The first night I discovered I have a best friend, and the very first time that it hit me I would be gone for nine months. I forgot what it was like to embrace each moment and live expecting to make the most of what comes your way. In all the hype of Class Afloat and Japan I didn’t stop to take a second breath.  Now that I’ve settled in and am beginning a routine, I understand how special this program is and how grateful I am to truly make each little moment count.