Sunday, January 26, 2014

Willemstad, Curacao

As dutch as dutch gets on this continent. Sailing into Curacao was extraordinary. I couldn't believe my eyes as we ventured past the Unesco World Heritage Site. I definetly left behind some amazing people and brought with me some amazing friendships in this port. On the first night out it was old town that became our territory. From the cobblestone alley ways and neon building as well as wonderful food, an imagine of Curacao will forever be engraved in the back of my mind.

While looking for something to do on the full day of shore leave, I decided to venture to the ostrich farm and there endulged in ostrich burgers. It felt slightly inhumane but over the first few bites the tingling sensation and guilt that I felt while watching my foods brothers and sisters run around, vanished. The food was so delicious. Afterwards a man by the name of Carlos, gave us a ride down the street and dropped us off at a deserted lagoon where one dutch family who was running a hotel buisness back in Willemstad was kite surfing. They must have been some of the friendliest people I have met on my travels. They talked to us for what seemed like no time at all but lasted over an hour. I fell in love with their little daughter who couldn't help but dance for me. By the way, I do not suggest ever trying to cram five people into car made for three. It becaomes very sweaty and uncomfortable quite quickly.

Unfortunately I had to say good bye to those that I had met and venture off to the local aquarium where Vanessa, a Quebec scientist who was studying their masters in coral and coral reproduction, showed me around the laboratory. Its amazing the work that they are doing to help rehabilitate coral. Did you know that Curacao has the second best reef in all of the Caribbean and in all honest I do not protest. It truely is amazing. My heart leaps a mile a minute at the sights of what lives below the surf. Fish, snails, seahorses and hundresd of corals, leave the mind in a place different from this earth. Extreme exageration? Maybe, but it truely was the most exited I have ever been while swimming. If I ever get the chance I will most deffinetly return to the ABC islands. There is so much apart from ostriches, corals, fish, trees, jungles, and friendships, that I have yet to explore.

Next stop, Columbia! My fifth continent on this journey.

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