Sunday, January 26, 2014

What are calm seas?

 Being back out on the open water has made me think about when the last time was that our crew had seen calm seas. That was back in Canada! With one bruised back that make me feel like I'm sleeping on a tennis ball and two toes that can barely manouver, I've realized how adapted the crew, my self included, is to these crazy waves. From Barbados to Curacao was one of the worst voyages we had made to date. Waves that came far above my head would crash againt the hull of our ship causing everything and everyone in the banjer to wake up or stir about. There was no pattern to these waves and on the occasion, I found myself slamming in to my best friend who sleeps in the hammock parallel to mine. Fortunately, it wasn't all hard work and minimal nights. Our bosun brought about the shanties! We sang and hollard like crazy. Voices, I swear, could be heard from miles away. Soon enough, the Sorlandet had docked in Curacao and all those hard times flew away in the forty to fifty knot winds we encountered. What stuck with us was the bonding moments are new crew had and the chants that still ring in my ears. This semester I am exstatic to be sailing once more!

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  1. forty to fifty knots. Now would that be with the wind chill or without?--------------D