Sunday, January 19, 2014

Officially an Island Hopper

Bridgetown, Barbados. Not at all what I expected. First impressions: green and lush, but also poor if one wonders to the wrong side of town. The first night out this is exactly what I had done and quite quickly the landscape changed from high treetops and brightly painted buildings to dirt roads and worn down cold brick structures. I most definitely did not feel welcomed. One man, however, changed my entire perspective of the island when he offered a couple of us a ride to the jungles and caves located in the heart of the island.  Snails as long as my forearm and as wide as a fist blocked the slightly whacked out paths that we attempted to follow. Monkeys constantly mocked our inability to move fast over the jungle floor. Colossal rock cliffs hung over us as we tramped through and provided great shelter from the frequent squalls which came our way. It ended up being an adventure like no other. With only a few cuts and bruises along the way, we finally made it out safe and sound. The friendly locals then drove us back into town and we wondered the streets of Bridgetown, stopping for a quick bite to eat (flying fish and creamy salsa). The days that followed took us to beaches and ship wreck, cliffs and food shacks. I loved Barbados and especially the sweet dialect. However, Curacao sounds like it to will be a blast and I cannot wait to set sail once more - minus the brasso (brass cleaner).

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