Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Midterms... Yuck!

Exams are horrible on a boat! Despite overcoming the fear of major heights, being alone in a vast ocean, fifty-knot winds, and occasional home-sickness, it was the exams that I found most challenging. To really understand one must be a student, but just imagine a sewage tank erupting in your basement. The smell would cause every morsel of you to want nothing more than an abandon ship. Six hours in the banjer at a time leaves the head amiss and seasickness becomes inevitable. Exams take three hours to write. In that time alone I fill eight pages worth of writing for political science, twenty five point chemistry questions, or essays and multiple choice in English. It could be more but how can a teacher expect their students to perfect and not be scrambled for time when the funnels become a main priority. I'm not sure how to do well, I  just my best effort in and can only hope for the best when report cards are sent home. Fingers crossed, though.

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