Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thank You

During the celebration of thanks for our harvests, I thought to myself about what I am thankful for. I’m thankful for my friends and family who have supported me, especially my parents. I’m thankful for my fellow sailors both at home and aboard the Sᴓrlandet. I’m thankful for everyone who has supported me financially and on an emotional level. I’m thankful for those who choose to read my blog because it gives me reason to record my life aboard the ship and to share my experiences.  But, most of all I am thankful for the teachers in my life; the people who have taught me manners, taught me how to read and how to write, how to act in public, how to hold myself, and how to appreciate every moment. So, if there is anybody reading this who I mentioned above, I hope you know that I’m thankful for all you have done to help me. I most definitely would not be typing these words in a Portuguese café if you hadn’t supported me. Thank you.


  1. Sophia, You are welcome. Watching your kids live their dreams is the highest award you can receive as a parent. We are so incredibly proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Hey Sophia,

    You don't know me, but Darrell sent me a link to your blog and I've been reading and catching up on your adventures for the last few weeks! It's awesome to hear about the places you're seeing and experience it through your eyes... it's sailing in a whole different way! Thanks for sharing your journey with the world :)