Friday, October 4, 2013

10 Things about the Atlantic crossing that I didn’t Think Would Be a Problem or I didn’t Think would occur, but They Did:

1.       Textbooks flying across the room.
2.       Trying to eat without spilling everywhere.
3.       Cleaning dishes in the galley, and avoiding any more casualties. Total personal count: 1 swollen ankle (hotel pans are painful), 1 sliced finger, 1 burned hand, and 2 bruised shoulders.
4.       Keeping the number of bruises I had under control.
5.       Sleeping.
6.       Having a shower without falling over or sliding from one end of the heads (washrooms) to the other.
7.       Drain pipes getting clogged and creating a stench in the banjer (sleeping, eating, working area) that lasted two weeks.
8.       Rolling out of bed when the ship pitches to port (right).
9.       Keeping clean. It’s such a struggle to find time for a shower and to do laundry.
10.   Getting dressed for watch and relieving physicals (helm, standby, look out, and safety rounds) on time. I had to find my foulies (foul weather gear), harness, rubber boots, and warm clothes.


  1. Nice and calm here, coffee sitting nicely on the table, hasn't moved at all. Dishes are in the dishwasher, and I haven't had to go on watch in the middle of the night.ahhhhh-- :) -------------D

  2. Wow! What an adventure! I'm so proud of you for getting a spot on the boat & blogging about your life on board. We'll being following you all year.
    Jo-Ann (Amelia & Paige's mom)

  3. WELCOME!!----To the experience of "Life at Sea" my Dear.
    Nana N.