Monday, May 5, 2014

The Loss of a Brother - Rest In Peace

This blog that I have kept as I travel in my teenage years has, for the most part, been about the places I’ve visited and the adventures I have had. Rarely do I write of the people I have met or the personal struggles of adolescence, but last night I was notified of the passing of my crew mate, friend, brother; James.

In the evening he veered off the road while riding his motorcycle and hit multiple side street objects. James, a first year university student, was declared dead at the hospital later that night. It was surreal to be delivered the news at colours that gloomy morning. I let my jaw drop and for the few minutes that we stood there the only words that echoed in my head were persuasive voices telling me “it’s not possible” and “she must be lying”. I shakily walked away only to collapse against the wall of the galley house with a burning salt liquid running down my cheeks.

The following few days were, at times, a struggle. It’s hard to think that our lives can end within seconds. Each day could be the last. I’ve been told the same thing over and over again as I make friends, lose friends, move away, say hello, say goodbye. They always tell you “Carpe Deim”, to treat every moment as if it’s your last and that sometimes what you say to someone may just be the last thing they hear.

Inspiration; they say that’s your middle name. Usually I’d play devil’s advocate, but this time I can’t. It’s true. You taught me to see the other way. I wasn’t the only one. You grasped the heart of every soul who walked in your presence.
I’ll never forget all the times that we lay down next to each other under the stars so that I could feel the warmth radiating from your spotted skin. We would talk for hours about how unjust this world is but how at the same time it brings with it all the wonders and joys of life. We talked of how dreadfully weird people are but we’re just the same, if not more so. Insanity was the basis of conversation and that made us sane in its consequence. I’ll never forget how you were there to listen when my mouth did nothing but run and how the words you spoke left an impact on my constantly moving train of thought.
You touched the hearts of everyone you met and you changed a little part of this world. There is something to be said of those who can leave doing what they love.
Your fellow floatie,

If you’re reading this blog, make sure you show the people you love that you appreciate them. It doesn’t need to be any great sign of admiration, bouquets or chocolate, just a hug will do. Know that while you may sit comfortable in the moment, time is a tricky thing. Within seconds the pocket watch might slip and the tock might no longer tick. I didn’t believe it was possible until I heard about James. 

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